Presentation S/O/L

Its presentation today in health class, our teacher says “To regroup and talk to our classmates to see if we need to finish a poster” she gave us a few minutes to work on anything that we forgot but my group already finished so we had some time to talk about how we’ll show our poster. “I need one group member from each group to come up to pick a number, that number will be the number to come up.” The teacher said so we volunteered to have briana go up. She went up got a number and ended up grabbing number one!! “Number one come up!” The teacher said we ended up doing good and we covered up Jeff with a sticky note hoping someone will ask why it’s there? Then we could snatch the sticky note off and say “This is what happened when you become an alcoholic!”  Possibly  scare everyone to not drink underage because you’ll become that!! And sure enough that’s what happened we added up getting a four.


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