Presentation S/O/L

Its presentation today in health class, our teacher says “To regroup and talk to our classmates to see if we need to finish a poster” she gave us a few minutes to work on anything that we forgot but my group already finished so we had some time to talk about how we’ll show our poster. “I need one group member from each group to come up to pick a number, that number will be the number to come up.” The teacher said so we volunteered to have briana go up. She went up got a number and ended up grabbing number one!! “Number one come up!” The teacher said we ended up doing good and we covered up Jeff with a sticky note hoping someone will ask why it’s there? Then we could snatch the sticky note off and say “This is what happened when you become an alcoholic!”  Possibly  scare everyone to not drink underage because you’ll become that!! And sure enough that’s what happened we added up getting a four.

Field trip to plants S/O/L

I got off the bus with my little brother Moies alone with my home room and our guide. I remember that it was cold and I get cold easily so I was trying not to shake so much and I was wearing extra clothes too. So we walked around and we had to do activity. One of them had us put trees and plants into different categories in which they belong and I put different plants in the categories I thought were correct, I told the guide “if I got it right?” “Yeah that’s correct!” She said and I felt so proud of myself!! But the trip was cold and slightly rainy.

Minecraft poster S/O/L

In health class we had to work in a group so Amila, Emma, and Briana we all came to together and made a poster!!! The poster had a short storie and multiple decisions that are bad and good. We made our poster have some colors and even DanTDM from Minecraft that Briana made. We made a little talking bubble to Dan saying “Your friends might not like your decisions but they will support you and that’s a good friend!” We thought it was so funny that Emma adds blue hair too!! Then Amila make a little character that looked like Stuwie as an adult, so we neamed him Steve but then we changed it we Jeff because at this post our poster was starting to look like Minecraft. We are prepared for presentation!!!

That was fun

I found some old little dicor my mom bought a long time ago, she gave me the little strings there was too packs. I started to set them both up when my brother wasn’t around because he would be asking me soo many questions. I even organized my desk, and my shelves too. I felt so proud of myself for setting it up so I called my mom over to see it. “Hey mom can you see what I did?” I said to her. When she saw it she complemented where I put the little strings that had little beads.

Sunday S/O/L

I got out of the car ready to leave and hang out with my cousins. I had a really pretty dress that I liked  and it was green. When my family went inside were greeted by everyone like “Oh hi, how are you!” or “Welcome nice to see you again!” My family would say to me and my brother. The whole time I was cold until I ate, then me and my mom talked for at least an hour while watching my brother. I really wanted to go home even though it was a party I still wanted to go home.

Saturday❄️ S/O/L

All Saturday I sat and did nothing but sit on my bed cuddling with my stuffed animals. I watched so many videos that day because I didn’t want to get up. Nothing went on for me on Saturday except for the fact that it’s was snowy!!


In health class my friend Brianna got bored and she had her iPad so I asked “ooo can I put a song on?” She said yes and gave me the iPad. So I went on her iPad and I see a video title Earth, the picture had some guy hugging the earth. I laughed at the picture and played the song. We both listened to the song and both laughed at how funny it looked, but at the same time it looked so professional and so well done. “All right guys put your iPads down and look up at the board!” Our teacher said. So we had to put the iPad away and one of the lyrics was stuck in my head for the next week or so.