People are strange...S/O/L

It’s my cousins birthday Ivan and it was all about him. We went for a walk and ended up in a strange neighborhood that was unfamiliar. “Hey how about we turn to a park and hangout” Ana said waddling like a penguin turning not to get her write shoes dirty on the grass. We turn the corner to see the park empty and it look kinda scary but we still walked because we had nothing better to do with our time. We noticed a strange car slowly following us, we choose to call the police and not come home until the police tell us what to do. “ 911 what’s your emgcery?” Ana tells her what our situation is, the operator told us to walk to the police station. That  hopefully the driver will go away and not follow us home. So we did and THANK GOODNESS!! We were safe and walked back home with a story to tell. 🙃

Book clubs!!

My book for book club is I Am Malala and I like it. I can relate to Malala about getting up in the morning and wishing I could brake my alarm clock so I could get more sleep. But I like Malala because she was brave, smart and funny. My group members are Tashina, Aaliyah and Laila. They are all great group members. And have good conversations 

Rap god? S/O/L

“Hurry up!! Or I’ll leave you behind!! It’s. Been 10 minutes!! Then I’m not taking you!!!” My dad yells at me to hurry put all the time because that’s just my dad being my dad. We get in the car and it’s FREEZING COLD INSIDE!!!!!! He puts on the radio and a song pops up. Sicko mode the song. All of a sudden my dad starts to “rap” the song. He didn’t sound that bad but it was cringe. Now I know he can rap in Spain and a little in english. I’m SHOOK

S/O/L Photo with memories and laughter

*Plop* *Plop* *Plop* the sound slime makes as I try to make a swirl on a cardboard plate. “OMG guys lets take a pic!!!” Laila said pulling out her phone out of some sheets. I was confused but I responded  “Ok sure, just how do I pose???”  Then i get close to her screen where only my face is showing.  All of us started to get close to the screen. Aaliyah didn’t really want to be seen by the camera so she pull all her hair in the front and put her hoodie on. So looked so funny when she went on the screen, all of us busted out laughing. Ana did the same thing but she put it in a but and some hair in the front to make her look like a boy. Then we did a skit were Ana pretends to be a boy and I’m a random girl, I go to “hug” and Ana goes “GET OFF ME WEIRDO!!!” I stop fake cry as I leave. Laila said in a loud voice “OK CAN WE GET THIS PICTURE DONE ALREADY!!!” At the end we took the picture full of memories.

Was it bad? or was it funny?

I go to my cousins where me and my family meests up, usually when we do meet up it’s because we are thinking of doing something with everyone for a week.

While the the parents are talking about the future, the teenagers go down to the basement spill tea,talk about what we want for our future and fights. The fights happen so often because well that’s just how me and my family is so what doesn’t matter right? Well this time it was good but bad at the same time. Two of my cousins are know for having a bad time with each other with EVERYTHING!!! So I’m not really surprised when they start fighting. I was minding my business when my cousin named Ana (the older one) started saying hurtful things to huer sister Amari (the younger one) started saying the same thing back. Next thing you I’m heading up stairs making popcorn for me and my cousin Ivan. I came down and their both on the ground fighting while that is happening...I’m eating and watching with my cousin.